WordPress Care Plans

WordPress is a powerful and sophisticated content management system that is open source, community developed and license free. WordPress can be installed on any reputable webhost and utilised as your website’s back-end.

In recent years, WordPress has become the platform of choice for countless independent website developers. Its robust design has tremendous scalability and ongoing development potential, but most important of all, the ability for customers to login to their own websites – and with minimal training – upkeep their own content from a very easy to use interface.

We provide different levels of care plans which cover everything from keeping the core system up-to-date, through to providing support in adding content to your website, and even service reports – giving you the freedom to access the level of support you need.

Do I need a WordPress Care Plan?

Your time is incredibly important and as a business owner you might not have the time or resources to stay abreast of your WordPress system updates or content updates.

Our WordPress Care Plans are a cost effective service which takes care of these functions on your behalf, so you can focus on your business without the technical distraction!

Why do we need to keep WordPress updated?

WordPress is a content management system and in ways very similar to your computer operating system – all systems need to be maintained and updated. As a WordPress website owner, you will need to periodically login to your website and perform updates to your WordPress core, themes, plugins and translations. Updates are often released as coding standards improve, which may include performance improvements, or when security vulnerabilities are identified and patched.

Why choose a WordPress Care Plan

Monitoring and reporting

We’re monitoring your website round the clock, so if anything goes awry, we’re automatically notified and jump into action to do whatever is necessary to identify the issue and work toward a timely restoration.

We also send monthly reports which detail the work we’ve conducted, updates we’ve performed and the general performance of your website over the month; we’re always working hard to ensure your website is looked after.

Updates and backups

Not only will we update your WordPress core, themes, translations and plugins on your behalf – if any of your website plugins reach EOL (end of life), we will notify and work with you to find a suitable replacement plugin or outcome.

On top of this, we will take incremental backups to ensure your website can be easily restored at any time, for any reason.


We will take all necessary steps to harden your website security and mitigate against known vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of nefarious attack. We will actively monitor the security performance of your WordPress website through the installation of our preferred security plugin.

Content management

Feeling like you never have the time to add new information to your website? Leave it to us to do. We can help edit existing pages, add new pages and products, update images and more – keeping your website current and fresh for your visitors.

We provide a full 12 months of unlimited content updates in our Premium WordPress Care Plan.

Care Plan Comparison

One off Service
Standard Care PlanPlatinum Care Plan
WordPress core updates
Plugin updates
Theme updates
Translation updates
Performance optimisation
Security hardening
Uptime monitoring
Daily backups
Malware protection guarantee
Daily site health monitoring
Monthly report
Content management
Cost$125 inc GST
Prepaid one-off service
per website
$249 inc GST
Prepaid annual plan
per website
$990 inc GST
Prepaid annual plan
per website
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