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If you would like to register a new or additional , , or .au domain name - please utilise this guide to assist you through the ordering process.

  1. Log-in to the NobleHost Customer Portal

  2. Click on the Domains Menu at the top of the page and click 'Register a New Domain'

  3. Type the domain name you would like to register and click 'Search'

  4. If the domain name you would like to register is available, you will see a Congratulations message.

  5. If you have no further domains/items to purchase, now click Checkout.

  6. Domains Configuration screen will now be displayed, please enter your details as follows;

    • Registrant Name: Please enter your registered business name. For example; My Business Pty Ltd
    • Registrant ID: Please enter the ABN for your Business. No spaces are required.
    • Registrant ID Type: Please ensure ABN is selected
    • Eligibility Name: Please leave blank
    • Eligibility ID: Please leave blank
    • Eligibility ID Type: Please leave blank
    • Eligibility Type: Select the most appropriate type for your business situation. Company, Sole Trader and Incorporated Association are the most common used.
    • Eligibility Reason: Select whether the domain name is an exact match abbreviation / acronym, or a close and substantial connection between the domain name and the operations of your entity.
    • .AU Priority Registration: If you are registering a .AU domain under the Priority Allocation Process, please enter your 'Priority Contact ID' and 'Priority AuthInfo' details. If you require further information regarding the Priority Allocation Process, please review our knowledge base article on this subject.
    • Nameservers: If you are utilising NobleHost website hosting for your new domain name, you do not need to make any changes here. If you are using an alternate hosting provider, please change the nameservers accordingly.

      Click Continue

  7. Review and Checkout: You may change the years you would like to register the domain for, options range from 1 years to 5 years. Here you can also apply a promo code if you have one. Click Checkout to proceed to payment

  8. Checkout
    • Choose Account - If you are managing multiple accounts at NobleHost, you will need to select which account the domain name is being registered to.
    • Domain Registrant Information - Ensure 'Use Default Contact (Details Above)' is selected.
    • Payment Details - Choose between Bank Transfer or Credit Card Payment Methods. Bank Transfer will issue you an invoice via email, with all appropriate detail. This is a manual process which relies on your payment to reach NobleHost before your new domain is registered. Credit Card Payment allows for quick payment and automatic setup.
    • Terms of Service - Please ensure you have read and understood the Terms of Service. Check the box when done so and click 'Complete Order'.

Thank you for ordering your domain name through NobleHost!

If you require assistance with configuring your new domain name with NobleHost, please don't hesitate to contact NobleHost Customer Support -

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