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Existing holders of a , or domain name licence (registrants) who registered their existing domain name prior to the 24th March 2022 will have the first opportunity to apply for Priority Status to register the exact match of their existing domain name at the .au direct level through the Priority Allocation Process.

For example, during the Priority Allocation period which is due to end - 20th of September 2022, the pre-existing registrant of "", can apply for Priority Status for ""

Steps to obtain .au domain via priority access scheme

  1. Check your Registrant Contact Email details of your existing domain (via

    Your existing domain name "registrant contact email" address needs to be correct and accessible as your Priority Token will be automatically emailed to this address. You can check your registrant contact email via . If you need to update your registrant contact email address, please contact us via for further assistance.

  2. Lodge request for Priority Token via Priority Allocation Website (see

    You will be required to obtain a Priority Token via the above mentioned website, which is needed to order your new .au domain name. When submitting your request, you will need to enter your original domain name. for eg.

  3. Wait for Priority Token to arrive in your email account

    It may take up to 24 hours for this email to arrive, please ensure the registrant contact email address on your original domain name is valid. If it's invalid, you simply won't receive your token.

  4. Order your new .au domain name via NobleHost Customer Portal

    Once you have received your token information, log onto the NobleHost Customer Portal and register your new .au domain.

For further information about the Priority Allocation Process, visit

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