Disc Space Capacity Changes

  • 3rd March 2020
We're pleased to announce that we're improving the disc space capacity for all our existing website and email hosting accounts per the following; Disk Space Capacity Changes (effective immediately); Account Type Old Disk Space Capacity New Disk Space Capacity Budget Account 2GB 4GB Standard Account 10GB 12GB(+8GB ...
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Spam management service announcement!

  • 31st October 2019
After a recent internal review of our spam management practices, we felt it to be an appropriate time to explain how we manage spam at NobleHost whilst announcing a vital improvement to our service offering. NobleHost and Spam We’re very proactive in spam prevention. We’ve been operating a multi layered anti-spam strategy for some time that ...
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Standard and Premium Plan changes!

  • 30th September 2019
We're pleased to announce a couple of exciting changes to our Standard and Premium plans! Both Standard and Premium plans now have configurable hard disk options available, which means if you start to run low on hard disk space within your account, you can simply upgrade the amount of hard disk space via our Noblehost Customer Portal on a low ...
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Travelling overseas?

  • 30th May 2019
If you are planning to travel overseas and intend on taking your laptop with you for checking email, you may experience difficulties retrieving your email from a number of countries. Simply put, we deliberately block a number of countries from being able to log-in to our servers, these are generally high risk countries from an internet security ...
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