Your brand’s domain name is an asset, and while it is cheap to register a domain, it’s a good idea to think about the address you are registering. It can be a big decision to use either your business name, an acronym, product name or even keywords in the address.

But buying a domain name for the first time doesn’t need to be a difficult exercise and we have some basic tips to help navigate you through this process.

Our basic rule of thumb for choosing a domain name is ‘Keep it Simple!’

Wording and Length

Long and complex domain names may increase the risk of misspelling, so if you have a long business name- a question you need to ask yourself is, is there are shorter version of your business name you can use for your domain name? For example: ‘Somerville Myotherapy and Pilates Studio‘ registered the domain name which is an acronym of their business name. This acronym became so catchy within their business that the name became a brand of its own!

If you are unable to create an acronym of your business name, is there a condensed version of your business name that could be adopted for your domain name? Or are you selling or marketing a particular product which could feature as your domain name? The possibilities are endless and you are welcome to utilise our domain search to try any number of combinations until you discover a desired outcome.

Domain extensions

There are many different types of domain extensions available on the internet, but if you are operating as an Australian Business- it’s our recommendation that you register a extension for your domain name. domain extensions are by far the most common domain extension in use within the Australian Business community, so they are the easiest for consumers to remember, highly cost effective and you might find they offer a higher level of credibility as you are required to be an ABN holder to register a domain.

Domain Name Registration Pricing

If you are interested in registering a domain name for your website, feel free to review our list below which covers domain extensions we have available for purchase through our website.

If you don’t see anything you like, we also have many more domain extensions at our disposal which we can add to the website upon request. Simply drop us a line via our Contact Us page and we’ll get it sorted for you!


Domain1 YearRenewTransferPurchase$14.25$14.25FREEBuy Now$14.25$14.25FREEBuy Now$14.25$14.25FREEBuy Now
.com$23.63$23.63$23.63++Buy Now
.net$29.25$29.25$29.25++Buy Now
.org$29.63$29.63$29.63++Buy Now
.info$35.25$35.25$35.25++Buy Now
.biz$37.50$37.50$37.50++Buy Now
.co$58.13$58.13$58.13++Buy Now
.online$58.50$58.50$58.50++Buy Now

++ Domain transfer includes 12 month domain renewal