About Us

NobleHost was started as a website and email hosting platform exclusively for Malvolio website design customers over 10 years ago. We offered Malvolio customers affordable hosting that was reliable, fast and fully backed with professional customer support.

Whilst we started from humble beginnings, word of mouth quickly spread and we experienced significant growth in our website and email hosting services across the Mornington Peninsula. In 2018 we invested into the future of our hosting platform, developing our NobleHost brand and integrated customer portal. Wholly owned by Malvolio Pty Ltd, NobleHost was officially launched to the public on 1 July 2019.

Fast forward to today, our constant drive for service improvement holds an exciting future for our business and the small businesses we support and host. It’s an exciting time for you to join our many satisfied customers!

NobleHost is completely Australian owned and operated – our servers are local and our service is local.